The Northern Oklahoma Regional Transportation Planning Organization (NORTPO) Public Participation Plan has been developed to assure that the transportation planning process conducted by NORTPO complies with Federal requirements for public involvement and participation.

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NORTPO Technical Committee

Scott Armstrong Construction Engineer, Div. 6
Junior Regier Fairview Municipal Airport
Valerie Snethen Long Term Care Authority – Aging Services
Joe Schneider City of Woodward, Airport Manager
Tyler Schroder CED #8 Engineer

NORTPO Policy Board

Marc Bolz Garfield County Commissioner
Noel Clonts Kay County Cities and Towns
James Crabbs Crabbs Transport
Mary Dungan Blaine County Cities and Towns
Cherrie Greco Mountain Country Foods
Chris Harris Kingfisher Public Schools
Donnie Head Circuit Engineering District #8
Chris Henderson, Vice Chair City of Ponca City
Max Hess Grant County Commissioner
Marci Hyde, Secretary Alfalfa County Cities and Towns
Rita Kroll Cherokee Strip Transit
Bill McBride City of Enid
Dea Mandevill Grant County Cities and Towns
Gary May Noble County Commissioner
Jeff Moss Kingfisher County Commissioner
Howard Powell Garfield County Cities and Towns
Richard Raupe, Jr., Chair Kingfisher County Cities and Towns
John Robertson Blackwell Industrial Authority/Railroad
Kent Schlotthauer Major County Commissioner
Philip Schrahl Major County Cities and Towns
Brandon Schultz Blaine County Commissioner
Eloise Schultz Noble County Cities and Towns
Jason Shanks Kay County Commissioner
Brian Taylor Oklahoma Dept. of Transportation, Div. 4
“Toby” Ray Walker Alfalfa County Commissioner